• New at SSI!......the Neuro C3!

    Neuro C3 is an upcoming system integrating three of these technologies (NeuroMinder, NeuroBalance and NeuroTracker) to provide comprehensive assessments of neural status for managing concussions. See the Neuro C3 Video on our Neuro C3 homepage

  • Introducing......the FitLight Trainer!

    The fitLight Trainer™ system is a wireless light system comprised of 8 RGB LED powered lights and a central PDA controller. The lights are used as targets for the athlete to activate or deactivate as per the training routine.

  • NeuroTracker:
    Cognitive Training

    NeuroTracker is a scientific technique that improves perceptual-cognitive abilities for athletic performance. An immersive environment is used to train multiple target tracking skills in a scene of dynamic 3D motion. NeuroTracker was developed by world-leading neurophysicist Dr.Faubert at the University of Montreal.

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    Train to read the game and respond under pressure

    When you invest in the NeuroTracker system, you get everything you need for intense mental training.

  • CardioWall

    Motivational Fitness Technology

    The CardioWall challenges users to balance, stretch, squat, react and think at high intensity. It improves hand-eye coordination, peripheral vision and instinctive decision-making while capturing detailed performance data for in depth analysis.

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    A highly compelling, super-versatile training and sports fitness tool.

    A highly versatile tool for functional fitness and sports training – serious fitness meets full-on fun.

  • Zephyr PSM Training Echo

    Zephyr PSM Training Echo:
    Physiological Status Monitoring

    PSM Training ECHO gives coaches a look "inside" the athlete. Configurable thresholds and real-time monitoring allows management of training intensity for each athlete. Live measurement includes heart rate, HRV, heart rate recovery, breathing rate, accelerometry, intensity & load and estimated core temperature – without pills or probes.

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    Monitor your Teams Physiological State:

    Measures, streams and logs a wide variety of physiological data on up to 50 athletes simultaneously.

  • zMetrix Body Composition Analyser

    BioparHom, is a French and innovative company in the field of bioimpedance . Through the technique and significant investments in research and development, these impedancemeters are among the most reliable and most accurate devices in the world.

Systems currently deployed and working with:
View the NeuroTracker Video

See how the NeuroTracker works and the benefits it can provide. The system will amaze you.

Zephyr: Physiological Monitoring

See how the system works and how it can monitor your teams health and physical state!

See how the FitLight System Works

Click below to play the informative video detailing how the FitLight System can help you or your team!

See the High Intensity Workout of the CardioWall

The CardioWall challenges users to balance, stretch, squat, reach and think. Its addictively-fun!


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